Barberry comes in many different colors and growth habits. Crimson Pygmy has medium red leaves and grows to 2' tall. Concord has darker leaves and grows 3' tall. Upright grows 5' tall. William Penn is an evergreen with green leaves that grows 4'x4'.
Quick growing - salt tolerant - fragrant leaves and waxy blue berries.
Birch, River
Grows to 30' with white/cinnamon bark. Beautiful native.
Boxwood, American
All boxwood are highly deer resistant. Although American will grow 6' tall, they are very easy to prune to size.
Boxwood, Green Mountain
Bright green, grows pyramidal to 5' tall.
Boxwood, Green Velvet
Green Velvet Boxwood are a dense, bright green evergreen that grows 3' x 3'
Boxwood, Wintergem
Winter Gem Boxwood slowly grow 6' x 6'. Super hardy evergreen with rounded lime-green foliage.
Butterfly Bush
Attracts butterflies and hummingbirds. Plant in full sun for summer long fragrant flowers. Deer resistant.